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The financial services cloud, powered by lightning is an integrated platform designed to drive stronger client relationships that last generations. Powered by lightning, the financial services cloud makes it easy for advisors to deliver a concierge level of service with the personalized, proactive advice clients expect. For example a client- Alex Oanca and see how data is represented in the financial services Cloud. Personal details such as date of Birth, Tax id number, or social security number will be part of the contact record. Financial accounts help to track customers’ investments, financial holdings, securities, bank accounts, insurance policies, assets, liabilities, and financial goals of the organization. FSC is the most suited salesforce cloud product for the financial services industry. It is a relatively new offering by salesforce and was launched in August 2015. It was initially designed to support wealth management. It is a product that has been designed to support wealth management, retail banking, commercial banking, or insurance carrier markets.

 The financial services cloud benefits capital markets

It helps capital markets firms operationalize and streamline their processes with powerful workflow tools. Bankers can track deal and investment pipelines with powerful opportunity management features, while action plans help client services and investor relations teams onboard new clients. The modeling capabilities help firms visualize their assets under management and provide a foundation for building custom solutions for investment banking, private equity, real estate, and more. With the financial services cloud, capital markets firms can:

• Meet strict security, compliance, and data requirements

•Build a strong analytics program that delivers insights whenever you need it

•Increases competitive advantage with AI

Benefits of financial service cloud


Benefits for insurance companies

The financial services cloud helps insurance companies with those individualized needs. Agents and customer service reps can access 360-degree views of each policyholder’s milestones, and analytics to inform coverage recommendations, salesforce financial services cloud provides the immediate, detailed look policyholders and insurers both benefit from there.

We leverage the salesforce financial services cloud to redesign their processes. we also de


signed and implemented an end-to-end agent recruiting and onboarding process which helped them make up ground due to agent losses from historical turnover.

Benefits for wealth and asset management

It is based on the financial services cloud or built on the lightning platform can bring considerable benefit to wealth management businesses or any implemented with proper discipline and understanding than the flexibility that is inherent to the salesforce platform, finding a salesforce partner that understands your business, and technology is to ensure a successful implementation.

To Leveraging standard salesforce financial services cloud functionality and custom features to meet its needs, meet their client needs, and address challenges with their business processes. By utilizing the financial services cloud, advisors are empowered with intuitive and easy collaboration tools as well as complete client information in a connected platform, allowing advisors to become more productive and have more time to focus on building client relationships.

Time technologies has wealth of experience in this sector with members of our team has worked, or consulted with, and industry associations for more than twenty years. So it focuses on achieving measurable business benefits in return for the investment that our customers are making in the salesforce platform.

Difference between financial services cloud and sales cloud

FSC is designed for wealth management firms, insurance companies, or banks. Since it is built on the world’s CRM solution, salesforce, it has all the key features of the sales cloud, but with the addition of new custom fields and objects. when it comes to satisfying the demands of the financial services market, sales Cloud necessarily would involve extensive customization as opposed to FSC.

On the other hand, Sales Cloud has been in the market for a long time and is one of the core salesforce products. It is designed to manage, analyze, and automate sales processes. It is focused on sales reps and sales managers with all key functionality geared towards account acquisition, the sales funnel and closing deals. It is also added to how the sales cloud is geared toward sales reps and sales managers, Service cloud is geared towards service agents and service managers.

Advantages of Financial services cloud

1- One single source of truth- It is easiest to implement marketing, sales, and service solutions across a financial service business by using one single source of truth. To eliminate human errors, including incomplete, incorrect, or duplicate provides data that can be used by anyone, in any way, across the entire organization. Customers, clients, investors, and vendors must all be conveniently grouped and enables financial institutions to grow and scale easily. Additionally, with three financial service cloud releases per year, access to continuous innovation enables advisors to accelerate business growth and maintain a competitive edge.

2- Saves money- Sales Cloud needs strong customization when it comes to satisfying the needs of the financial services sector. over customization leads to a less stable instance. The financial services cloud comes with many industries-specific features out-of-the-box, advisors no longer have to waste money or time adapting their CRM speaking their company’s language.

3-Security- It provides security as opposed to holding customer data locally in spreadsheets or legacy on-premise software. Provides an additional layer of protection by including applications that track data access, and usage and deter malicious activity.

4- Artificial Intelligence- AI can be used in many industries to discover customer insights as well as forecast, suggest, and automate key processes. It offers more advanced analytics and predictive alerts. Artificial intelligence provides many benefits such as in baning, capital markets, insurance, and wealth management.

5-Create Profile of the clients- It comes with features that enable you to represent your client’s accounts where assets and liabilities are to create a complete model of their financial profile within the platform. or also they can model claims, policies, and other insurance-related data for individual clients, groups, and commercial entities.Salesforce financial cloud

New in mortgage innovation for the financial services cloud

There are some models of service a cloud vendor can offer. Then the architecture of that cloud may be hybrid or some specific design. According to the need of the client, Rs follows:-

1- banking and lending institutions engaged based on timely and elephant insights, communications, and access across all devices. So it allows you to easily visualize and track customer relationships, streamline handoffs, are coordinate monkey stakeholders. Automate and track commercial lending progress and standardize next-level customer care for retail banking.

2-Software as a Service (SaaS) means you use a complete application running on someone else’s system. Web-based email and Google Documents are perhaps the best-known examples, some other well-known examples are Adobe Creative Cloud services and GitHub ( or online compilers ).

3-Platform as a Service (PaaS) means you develop applications using Web-based tools so they run on systems software and hardware provided by another company. So, for example, you might develop your eCommerce website but have the whole thing, including the shopping cart, checkout, and payment mechanism running on a merchant’s server. App Cloud (from Salesforce ) and the Google App Engine are examples of PaaS.What is Salesforce financial services cloud

Purpose of salesforce financial services cloud

Financial Services Cloud is an integrated platform designed to drive strong customer relationships for the last generations. Powered by Lightning, Financial Services Cloud makes it easy for consultants to deliver customer-oriented, customized customer service. It is the platform that serves as the one. Stop shop for financial service. Steam provides real-time access to critical data, meaningful insights into every stage of the customer lifecycle, and built into unique customer journeys. It can help your business handle any challenge it faces.

Salesforce financial services cloud for-

It is an integrated platform that can be adapted to any financial services relationship model. Whether you are part of an asset management company, an insurance company, or a bank, Financial Services Cloud can help your team deliver personalized advice on the scale to any channel or device.


This blog talks in detail about the different aspects. Financial services cloud. To help you get a deeper understanding.  It gives a brief introduction to the Salesforce suite before diving into the Salesforce management services cloud. The importance of financial products has grown to such an extent that lack of access can create an early challenge for financially excluded citizens to be fully active and integrated into society. The market for Financial Services offers products to a large range of citizens. The establishing. Small enterprise credit risk pricing mechanism according to the principle of incoming risks. The most successful businesses are the ones that can maintain this standard of service delivery at scale. This is where Salesforce  FSC features become real assets.  It offers a platform that helps you scale up quality, service, delivery, build, manage and strengthen relationships with your customer base and helps ensure you stay compliant in the course of your operations. You can also take advantage of the dashboard insights and reports. To analyze your department or team members’ performance to help your company constantly improve and efficiently.







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